Smart Nature

for Your Office

We improve air quality with high-performing plants and data analysis to enhance employee health and reduce energy consumption.

Environment as a Service

For a natural work environment

Environment as a Service makes your office buildings more sustainable and your employees happier, without losing the comfort of air conditioning and ventilation. You can track the air quality improvement live on our online dashboard.

Known Issues

Would you like..? reduce sick leave absences of your  employees? improve your employees productivity and eliminate stuffy air?

..reduce the energy consumption of your ventilation system to improve your CO2 footprint? create an inspiring work environment for your employees?

Your Benefits

What our smart plants enable

..of the employees feel more productive due to the extra oxygen.

..of the employees experience an improvement of workplace ambiance.


What our Clients say

Tadah Coworking

"We are able to go without a ventilation system saving about 700kg CO2 per year thanks to Oxygen at Work's intelligent plant design."

Julia Cebreros, Co-Founder

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