Eine sichere und attraktive Rückkehr ins Büro

Our smart plant concept helps plan your return to a healthy workplace with peace of mind.

Optimizing the work environment is essential when fighting viruses
A humidity above 40% reduces virus transmission
Office plants are promising as sustainable and natural humidifiers
Air sensors ensure that optimal values are achieved
Reduced Virus Transmission

The floating and survival time of viruses can be considerably shortened if the relative humidity is kept at a continuous level between 40 and 60 percent. This is because the virus-containing droplets suspended in the air are heavier, fall to the ground faster and the virus itself is deactivated by a physicochemical reaction. In addition, the respiratory immune system's defense works more effectively by capturing, removing or fighting germs.


Plants are suitable as natural and sustainable humidifiers, as 90% of the poured water is transpired into the air through the leaves. Our experience shows that optimal values of between 40 and 60 percent can be obtained over all seasons. In principle, the higher the plant density or the more leaf green, the greater the effect. However, it is important to ensure that the relative humidity is not too high, as this stimulates mould growth. For short-term success, we recommend regular air exchange via the windows. Even on cold days, positive results can be seen after only a few minutes (approx. 4-6) of intensive air circulation.

Without Office Plants
With Office Plants
Transparent monitoring and communication of air quality

It is often uncertain what effect certain measures have on the improvement of air quality. Stuffy air can still be easily distinguished from non-stuffy air. But would you be able to determine whether the relative humidity is between 40 and 60 percent at its optimum level?

An exact analysis can therefore only be done with air sensors. In our IoT-based plant concepts, we measure nine data points that contribute to a healthy working climate. The values can be accessed in real-time on the in-house developed live dashboard. Using an intuitively understandable color code, you can immediately see whether or not the optimal ranges have been reached. The data is available at any time to provide you and your employees with the certainty of a healthy working atmosphere.

Attractive Working Environment

Some companies have decided to give employees the freedom to choose between home office and office. The bottom line is that employees may choose the place where they feel more comfortable. Experience has shown that the ambiance and well-being of employees can be significantly enhanced by plant concepts.

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