The smart Office Greening

We support you with the greening of existing rooms and with the planning of construction projects.

 Noticeably Healthy Offices 

Our combinable greening options

Oxygen Office

The plants are distributed evenly across the workstations in the office. The Biophilic design makes your clients feel more comfortable and fit.

Claudia Di Giuseppe, Director HR & Hospitality, Lindt & Sprüngli

"Plants mean life and energy. They make an important contribution to the working atmosphere in our offices, they are pleasing to the eye and enrich the rooms."

Julia Cebreros, Co-Founder,
Tadah Co-working Space

"Thanks to the intelligent plant concept from Oxygen at Work, we can go without a ventilation system and thus save about 700kg CO2 per year."

nicolas gysi.png
Nicolas Gysi, Head of Real Estate & Admin Services, Swissgrid

"The Oxygen Gardens are popular and therefore always well staffed. Many colleagues appreciate this retreat into the countryside."

 Your Benefits 

Customized to your needs



Smart Greening

 The Path to a green Office

How it works

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The starting point is an analysis of the premises and the needs of the users so that our experts can advise you on your work environment.

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Plant Concept

We calculate the number and type of plants for your office. Depending on your wishes, we offer concepts for optimizing energy consumption, health, productivity and design. A combination is also possible.




We deliver the plants directly to your office and install the air sensors. The improvement in air quality can be viewed on the live dashboard from this point on.

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Care & optimization

We ensure that the plants are regularly and professionally cared for, watered and cut. The air data on the dashboard also allow the runtime of the ventilation system in the building to be optimized.


Plants improve air quality by increasing the humidity and filtering toxins from the air.


A humidity between 40% to 60% reduces the survival time of viruses and strengthens the immune system.


By monitoring the air quality on the live dashboard, illness absences can be reduced and optimal working conditions communicated.


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