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Q&A about the Service

Do I face high initial costs for the service?

No. Our service is based on a subscription model where we charge a monthly fee per workplace. The first year costs the same as the twelfth year.

I am only interested in the design aspect of the plants. Can I also have a plant concept without the sensor technology?

This is generally possible, but prevents the full potential of the plants from being utilized.

How much CO2 savings can I expect?

On average, about 100 kg CO2 can be saved per workplace.

How long does it take until the smart plants are in my office?

We normally deliver the plants within four weeks. However, it should be noted that the design of more complex plant concepts may take longer in some cases.

Who makes sure that the plants are watered and cut?

We engage local gardeners from the region to maintain the plants, who come to your office every 2-3 weeks. In this way we support the local economy and keep emissions from maintenance to a minimum.

Can I also equip my private household with the plant concepts?

Not yet. However, we are working on making the plant concepts available to private households as well.

Can I also benefit from the service if we only have 10 employees?

Our Environment as a Service is generally designed for larger offices with a minimum of about 40 employees. However, there are no limits upwards.

In which countries do you offer your service?

We can supply you throughout Europe.

Why should I not just buy office plants?

In the last 50 years the office plant has had a bad reputation. The dusty ficus stood somewhere in the corner with yellow leaves. The reason for this is the purchase model. Companies invest millions in the interior design of a new location, in high-quality furniture and materials. After 3 years, the office and the high-quality finishing still look like new. Except for the purchased plants, in which you have also invested a lot of money. A third to half of them no longer look nice and would need to be replaced. However, nobody takes care of the plants and buying new plants also means a new investment. The result: A plant concept that is no longer plant concept and a picture of dry shoots and yellow leaves. However, plants should bring naturalness and vitality into the room. In the rental model, we are responsible for ensuring that the plants always look good and healthy. Regular replacement is essential for this purpose, which is included in our service. There are no opportunity or reinvestment costs. Your office will still look new in 5 years of time and the plants will thrive with it.

Q&A on Career

What do I do if I am interested in several positions?

Apply for one position and indicate in your cover letter which other positions you would be interested in. As we process your application, we will see which position suits you best and we will inform you about other potential opportunities.

What happens to my data after applying?

We will be happy to add your application to our database. This way we can also inform you about future job postings in case it didn't work out the first time. If we shouldn't save your data, please let us know.

What is the minimum duration for an internship?

At least three months, although six months or more is preferred.

How can I apply?

Send us your cover letter and your CV to hello@oxygenatwork.org.

Can I write my master thesis in collaboration with you?

Yes, this is generally possible, but it depends on how busy we are at that time. Just contact us with your topic via mail to hello@oxygenatwork.org.