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We help design the next generation of healthy and sustainable office buildings.

Research Background

Capitalizing on the advantages of natural plants and emerging IoT technologies (smart sensors, real-time database, and advanced data analytics), we provide IoT-based indoor greenery solutions as part of adaptation strategies to meet (and possibly exceed) the “new world” workplace standards of health and sustainability. In particular, our technology enables monitoring, analyzing, and controlling data-driven healthcare and sustainability measures to promote the quality of work environment as well as enhancing the operational efficiency of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems.

Dr. Erfan Haghighi, R&D Manager at Oxygen at Work

Research Content

Current Research Topics

  • Natural increase of air humidity

  • Degradation of pollutants by plants

  • Office air quality monitoring

  • Plants as an integral part of ventilation systems

  • Natural substitution of humidifiers

  • Algorithm to calculate ideal plant concepts

  • Increase of mental health through biophilic design

  • Increase in performance due to high oxygen concentration

Further Partners

Research Collaborations

Current Research Projects


"NEST offers us the unique opportunity to validate our innovations and further develop our ideas."

Manuel Winter, CEO at Oxygen at Work

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