The Plant Concept for Office Buildings

An all-inclusive rental of plants and air sensors.

How we work

For Architects

Location Analysis

Identification of the requirements of the workplace environment and the potential that can be exploited with a smart plant concept.


Based on design data, different greening scenarios are developed, which address different priorities (energy savings, health, social distancing, design & productivity).

Development of the Design

We calculate the ideal amount and types of plants for your office space. Depending on your needs we can customize it to optimize energy consumption, employee health, productivity and office design. A combination of multiple requirements is also possible.


We deliver the plants directly to your office and install the air quality sensors. From that moment on you can track the improvement of your air quality live on our dashboard.

Individual Greening

Combinable greening variants

Oxygen Office

The plants are distributed evenly across the workstations in the office. The Biophilic design makes your clients feel more comfortable and fit.

Your Benefits

Customized to your needs

Interactive elements

Plants improve air quality by increasing the humidity and filtering toxins from the air.


A humidity between 40% and 60% reduces the survival time of viruses and strengthens the immune system.


By monitoring the air quality on the live dashboard, illness absences can be reduced and optimal working conditions communicated.


Plants increase the need for a natural environment and make employees of your clients feel more comfortable at their workplace.

Plants just look good! Encourage employees of your clients to come back to their local workplace.


The plants improve the ratio of CO2 and O2 in the air through the natural process of photosynthesis.


The measurably reduced CO2 leads to a greater attention by employees and a noticeable increase in productivity .


The natural improvement in air quality lowers the usage of ventilation systems.


The reduced use of ventilation systems saves energy.


The lower energy consumption improves your CO2 balance as the energy is converted into its CO2 equivalent in the reporting.


Feedback of 340 Employees

How is the service received by employees?

Does the stress level in the office decrease?
Do you feel more productive with or without plants?
How does the atmosphere change due to the plants?
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