Why did you choose a smart plant concept?

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Nicolas Gysi
Head of Real Estates & Admin Services at Swissgrid

The Green Gardens provide another exciting work environment for us. They are variety or retreat and promote creativity. In addition, the room climate is excellent, which is also shown by the measured values. Although the Green Gardens are equipped with standard workstations, the ambience differs from that of the team zones due to the loose arrangement of the desks.

How did the employees react to the office plants?

Kai Ellerkmann 
 Associate at Boyden Executive Search

Very, very positive. It's natural, as with many things in life, you get used to everything very quickly. But the difference was very noticeable, the whole mood in the office is different because of the plants. We would probably notice it very quickly if the plants were no longer there.

Commented Impressions
Claudia Di Giuseppe, Director HR & Hospitality, Lindt & Sprüngli

"Plants mean life and energy. They make an important contribution to the working atmosphere in our offices, they are pleasing to the eye and enrich the rooms."

Julia Cebreros, Co-Founder,
Tadah Co-working Space

"Thanks to the intelligent plant concept from Oxygen at Work, we can run the business without a ventilation system and thus save about 700kg of CO2 per year."

Feedback of Employees
Does the stress level in the office decrease?
Do you feel more productive with or without plants?
How does the atmosphere change due to the plants?