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Master's Thesis/Project - Buildings Energy and Health Research

Supervised Master's Thesis/Project | English

Who are we?


Oxygen at Work is a fast growing proptech startup. We combine smart plant concepts with software and thus improve the air quality of thousands of workplaces in Europe, making them healthier, more sustainable and more attractive.



What we offer


We are open to Master students who would like to carry out their Master's project/thesis in collaboration with the industry. Students interested to work on subjects in the area of “Buildings Energy and Health Research” are encouraged to contact Dr. Erfan Haghighi ( to discuss possible topics for a Master's project/thesis.


Below we provide a list of project topics, which are currently running and/or open for new students:

  • Indoor air quality data analytics for smart workplaces

  • Reconciling energy consumption and occupant health in office buildings

  • Multi-criteria analysis of hybrid ventilation systems

  • Optimization techniques for buildings energy use efficiency and environmental impacts

  • Active / passive botanical indoor air biofilteration systems: Design and prototyping

  • Bioelectricity generation in plant-microbial fuel cells (PMFCs): Design and prototyping

Interested? We look forward to hearing from you!