Bellwald Architekten: "We got inspired by our own client."

Bellwald Architekten AG is an innovative architecture office in Winterthur which creates both office and residential buildings. From the first sketches to the completion of construction they accompany the entire project in order to "toast at the end the successful project over a glass of white wine".

Interview with Markus Bellwald

Markus Bellwald, Founder & Managing Director

Please introduce yourself briefly. I am the founder and owner of Bellwald Architekten AG, a small but fine architectural firm in Winterthur.

What is a modern workplace for you? Well, I'm a bit old school myself - a desk and a functioning computer are enough for me. A modern workplace? A good location, good rooms with a positive and motivating feeling.

What distinguishes your company as a good employer? We take care of our employees. We value a good working atmosphere and an open and friendly interaction with each other. We don't just say that, we also live it, as our employees can confirm.

Why did you decide to have more green at the office? We saw the plants at Autoneum, one of our customers, and I just loved it. Autoneum explained the concept of Oxygen at Work to us and it was clear to me: we need that too!

How did the employees react to the new greenery? Very positively throughout the whole team! The greening improves our rooms and our wellbeing. All of us feel a lot more comfortable. Additionally, if we let the chirping box run in between, then we feel like in the forest.

Topics: workplace health, workplace design, architecture, office plants, workplace analytics

Themen: Gesundheit am Arbeitsplatz, Design vom Arbeitsplatz, Architektur, Büropflanzen, Datenanalyse am Arbeitsplatz