CAR FOR YOU: "We focus on flexibility and individuality as an employer."

CAR FOR YOU is a joint venture of the Swiss companies Tamedia and AXA changing the Swiss car sales market. CAR FOR YOU is not only a platform to buy a car but also helps to choose the right car for you.

Interview with Kai Ellerkmann

Kai Ellerkmann, Head of Controlling & Projects

Introduce yourself briefly. After working many years for corporates of various sizes, I have been responsible for finance, HR and much more at CAR FOR YOU since mid-2018; and all the various tasks a start-up requires. I have a background in humanities (history and political sciences) with further training in business administration, product management and marketing.

What characterizes a modern workplace for you? For me, a modern workplace is above all a place where I find optimal conditions to perform my tasks in the best possible way. This can look quite different in a company. It doesn't mean the same for a software developer in our company as for me or for example one of our marketing employees. But what all of us have in common is hopefully the feeling of being comfortable at their respective workplace. This includes all the things like pleasant light, good air and no disturbing and distracting noises.

What distinguishes your company as a good employer? At CAR FOR YOU we strive to respond to the wishes of our employees and to become together with them an outstanding employer. This includes, above all, the opportunity to work flexibly in terms of time and place. But we also want to support our employees in the most diverse situations of their lives, be it when they become parents, are planning a move or have to cope with a difficult situation in their lives. This also includes, for example, training opportunities that are tailored to the individual needs of our employees. Well-being and health are also very important to us. This has not only led to the plants in the office, but also to various healthy food offers. We simply want to be more than just an "employer".

Why did you decide to have more green in the workplace? Our offices were very sterile and elementarily furnished. We still have no pictures on the walls or anything like that. That's why I really liked the idea of bringing life into our office in the form of plants. However, it was important to me that this should also be sustainable and come with a concept and not simply have some plants bought from the florist next-door without knowing whether those plants have a chance to survive at all. The fact that we also improve the air quality is another plus point.

How did the employees react to the new planting? Very, very positive! It is of course as with many things in life, you get used to everything very quickly. But the difference was very noticeable, the whole ambiance in the office is different because of the plants. We would probably notice it very quickly if the plants were no longer there.

Topics: workplace health, workplace analytics, workplace design, workplace ambience

Themen: Gesundheit am Arbeitsplatz, Datenalayse am Arbeitsplatz, Design vom Arbeitsplatz, Amiente am Arbeitsplatz