Smart Plants: An Energy-efficient Improvement of IAQ

Using a combination of plants, sensor technology and big data, we, at Oxygen at Work, provide science-driven sustainable office building design solutions, improving IAQ and achieving energy consumption efficiency as well as promoting health and well-being in the workplace. Being at the cutting edge of scientific research and innovative development, our quest is to redefine HVAC technology, as a critical component in shifting building systems towards sustainability, through nature and design innovations. Our design solution enables the engineering of indoor environment through the real-time monitoring of local air quality retrieved from low-cost wireless network sensors communicating with logging stations on our cloud servers. A user-friendly online software (login required) serves as a decision support system to maximize air cleaning according to both pollutant levels and the physical characteristics of the interior space (such as volume, number of occupants, temperature, humidity, etc.).

Multi-sensor indoor greenery as a new edge to the IoT-based IAQ monitoring systems.

Do you want to figure out how much CO2 emission you can offset by bringing nature into your office spaces? Visit our potential calculator tool on our website and/or contact us.

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