Swissgrid: "Not even the CEO has a dedicated workplace in our office."

As the national electricity grid company, Swissgrid is the backbone of Switzerland's electricity supply. More than 500 highly qualified employees from over 20 nations ensure that electricity flows day and night. Last summer, Swissgrid moved into its new headquarters in Aarau. The open office concept also includes several Oxygen Gardens.

Interview with Nicolas Gysi

Nicolas Gysi, Swissgrid
Nicolas Gysi, Head of Real Estate & Admin Services

Please introduce yourself. I am Head of Real Estate and Admin Services and have been with Swissgrid since August 2018.

What is a modern workplace for you? At Swissgrid, the workplace must support colleagues in fulfilling their tasks. This is why we have opted for an attractive working environment with a variety of forms of encounter and communication. There is an open office concept that offers employees the right working environment, depending on their tasks and personal needs - from a retreat to a privacy office, project workspaces, meeting rooms and team zones to meeting places in a lounge area and the Oxygen Gardens. Only fixed, personal workplaces no longer exist. Not even for the CEO.

What distinguishes Swissgrid as a good employer? Swissgrid fulfills an important task for Switzerland and is therefore part of the critical infrastructure. The demands placed on employees in terms of training, experience and personality are correspondingly high. Swissgrid must therefore be an attractive employer in order to attract and retain the right colleagues. This means that the tasks here are very exciting, that there is plenty of room for maneuver and, last but not least, a modern working environment at the new headquarters.

Why did you decide to have more green at the workplace? The Oxygen Garden offers another exciting working environment for us. They are a change of pace or a retreat and foster creativity. In addition, the indoor climate is excellent, as the measured values show. The Oxygen Gardens are equipped with standard workstations, but the ambience differs from that of the team zones due to the loose arrangement of the desks.

How did the employees react to the new greenery? Very positive! The Oxygen Gardens are popular and therefore always well occupied. Many colleagues appreciate this retreat into the green.

Do you want to see, how the office looks now? We uploaded some impressions of the Oxygen Garden to our gallery on the website.

Topics: workplace health, workplace analytics, Workplace greenery

Themen: Gesundheit am Arbeitsplatz, Datenanalyse am Arbeitsplatz, Begrünung vom Arbeitsplatz