What Real Estate Leaders should be doing right now

The second COVID-19 wave caught Switzerland by surprise. Almost out of nowhere infection numbers started to skyrocket leaving employers no choice but to send their office employees back to working from home. Even the government issued a binding home office recommendation.

This latest Corona-episode shows that even half a year into the pandemic companies need to stay as flexible as possible. By now most companies developed adaptive crisis strategies that let them adjust their precautions ad-hoc at any given time to ensure business continuity. However, this is only a short-term perspective. Forward-looking companies started already thinking about future requirements for their office environments to cope with such situations. It’s about leaving the continuous crisis mode and transitioning into a permanent one that puts the health, safety, and wellbeing of their employees first. Cause let’s be clear:

  1. First, we don’t know if and when this pandemic will go away.

  2. Second, leading scientists predict such pandemics to occur much more often in the future.

  3. Third, we don’t even need a pandemic to justify such requirements. Already an extraordinarily strong flu season puts employees as well as the company’s operability at risk.

There is no doubt about the importance of employee health, safety, and wellbeing and by now it reached the top of everyone's agenda.

That’s why now is the time for real estate leaders to put all their efforts into creating human-centric workplaces for the long run that minimize infection risks and maximize wellbeing while also ensuring sustainability.

How are you approaching this challenge?