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About us

We are an interdisciplinary mix of biologists and engineers to designers for the creation of powerful plant concepts.

What is behind Oxygen at Work?

Your Experts

Environmental Commitment

Our approach to improve the environment


tons of CO2 we have saved to date.

2 for 1

For every plant we bring into your office, we plant two trees in endangered rainforest regions. In this way, we are able to transfer the positive effects of our plants to outdoor nature, thus helping the environment.

Net positive

In order to increase environmental awareness within our own organization, we plant enough trees every year to compensate for our employees' emissions. In this way we improve their personal ecological footprint.

Our Milestones


In February 17 Oxygen at Work was founded and the first office opened in the heart of Zurich.


First customer in Switzerland

The first smart office plants were delivered in May 17.