About us

An innovative, interdisciplinary mix from biologists and engineers to designers.


What is behind Oxygen at Work?

Why do we do it?

The frequent occurrence of health problems at work makes it clear that offices are not equipped to meet the performance requirements of employees. In addition, energy is unnecessarily wasted on mechanical air conditioning, which is harmful to the environment and contributes to global warming.

What is our goal?

We want to create a healthy, inspiring and efficient work environment and actively shape the next generation of office buildings.

How do we do it?

With the help of a machine learning algorithm we create individual and visually attractive plant designs that measurably improve indoor air quality. The smart plants make employees healthier and reduce energy consumption in a natural way.

Your Experts

Rafael Winter

Strategic Development

B.A. Law, HSG

Harvard University VUS

Dr. Deborah Tavor

Customer Success & Greenery

Ph.D. Plant Science Biology, UZH

Benjamin Frick

Business Development

M.A. History, UZH

Dr. Erfan Haghighi

Research & Development

Ph.D. Environmental Sciences,


Rémy Graf


M.A. Candidate Business Innovation, HSG

Zsófia Molnár


M.A. Sociology & Economics, BCE

Lauri Guardiola

Greenery Specialist

C.I.F.E.A  Viticulture and Enology

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Thomas Huldi

Business Development

M.A. Candidate Business

Innovation & Sustainability, HSG

Berkay Sasmaz

Greenery Specialist

Building cleaner EBA

Olivier Blindenbacher


B.A. Economics, HSG

Silvan Hauenstein

Greenery Specialist

Gardener EFZ

Spyros Poullados

Research & Development

M.Eng. Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London 

Mischa Seitz


M.Sc. International Business, ZHAW

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Léa Gobet

Business Development

MA Candidate Business

Innovation & Sustainability, HSG

Joel Bloch

Environmental & Business Development - Co-Founder

Biology, UZH

Manuel Winter

CEO - Co-Founder


Int. Management, HSG & LSE

Rita Salathé

Greenery & Design - Co-Founder
Federal gardener diploma

Environmental Commitment

Our approach to improve the environment


tons of CO2 we have saved to date.

2 for 1

For every plant we bring into your office, we plant two trees in endangered rainforest regions. In this way, we are able to transfer the positive effects of our plants to outdoor nature, thus helping the environment.

Net positive

In order to increase environmental awareness within our own organization, we plant enough trees every year to compensate for our employees' emissions. In this way we improve their personal ecological footprint.

Our Milestones
First client
Finalist of the Swiss Innovation Challenge
First client in Germany
Over 100 realized projects
Awarded with HSG spin-off label
Partnership with EMPA NEST
First client in Italy